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12 yr old RFG237AARS Samsung french door tap valve location to add refrigerant


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Mar 21, 2011
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So I have an older Samsung french door that is not cooling effectively enough. It is a split zone model (I think called 'dual zone' cooling) which makes the freon lines coming from the compressor different looking than I find on instructional videos online. I have attached a tap valve on what I think is the line they use at the factory to initially charge the unit. Im wondering if this will work to tap into and run some 134A into the main body of the compressor.

Ive never done this before but it looks pretty straightforward. Im just not sure about where I have the tap valve located. Can anybody verify if this is a good location?

Before I pierce the line I want to know Im not piercing the wrong line. I dont have much to lose at this point because Ill have to get a new one anyways. The cost of a professional doing this makes it worth just buying a new one.

So is the tap valve in a good spot to replenish with 134A?


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Jul 11, 2006
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So is the tap valve in a good spot to replenish with 134A?
My friend, you're about to open a can of worms best left unopened. Automotive AC and refrigerators operate on the same principals but are two very different animals. There's a reason professionals charge a lot, you're not just paying a tech for fixing your refrigerator, your paying for what he knows about fixing your refrigerator. Why are you adding refrigerant? Do the pressures show a leak? If there's a leak, it will just leak out again. You need specialized tools and skills to do a leak repair. You also need to be certified by the EPA, although I've never seen any refrigeration police...LOL. If add too much it won't cool. If you don't bleed the gauge hose and get air or moisture in the system it won't cool. If there's a restriction, it won't cool.

Your service valve is on the right line.