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Thread: Kenmore Coldspot #106.71209100 - Water leaking into fridge

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    Default Kenmore Coldspot #106.71209100 - Water leaking into fridge

    Hi all,

    I have an overhead freezer model. Water is leaking onto the top shelf inside the fridge area and getting down the back wall to the bottom veggie drawers. When I look inside the fridge, the water seems to be dripping from a plastic vent at the top/rear ceiling area inside the fridge area. (Looks to be the vent that leads from the top freezer to the bottom fridge.) Any ideas? If there's a simple fix, any step-by-step repair steps you can provide will be appreciated!


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    Simplest thing here is to refer you to Jeff's handy guide to this kind of problem...

    Lots of good info and pictures there.

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    Default I had this problem with my top/bottom Kenmore Coldspot

    Model 106.67821790. Freezer on top. I do not have a water or ice dispenser in mine.

    Based on advice found in the above link and elsewhere:

    1) I removed everything from the fridge and freezer and unplugged the unit.
    2) In the freezer, I unscrewed the two bolts securing the plastic tray that is the "floor" of the freezer and removed it. For reassembling, note how this piece slides under two little plastic guides at the back-middle of the freezer.
    3) I removed the two stryofoam "tubes" at the back-bottom of the freezer by carefully pulling them straight up.
    4) I might not have needed to do this, but inside the freezer I unscrewed the two bolts securing the "back" of the freezer and removed it. There was a wire clipped on to the inside-left of this piece that easily slips off. This exposed the coils and made the drain tube more easily accessible.
    5) The floor and back of the freezer were covered in ice. I used a hair dryer to melt most of the ice and wiped out the water with a towel.
    6) At the very back of the freezer under the coils was the drain tube, which was apparently frozen. I used a turkey baster and hot water (probably about two dozen squeezes or more) to unfreeze the contents of the tube, at which point the water visibly and audibly drained away.
    7) I continued using the hot water and turkey baster another dozen or so times to make sure the tube was clear, then wiped out the remaining water.
    8) I reassembled everything in reverse order and plugged the fridge back in. I gave it an hour or so to re-cool before adding the contents back.

    I would love to know the cause (freezer too full?), and a way to prevent the problem in the future, but this really is an easy fix, relatively speaking.

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