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Thread: Kenmore Bottom Freezer Model 596-not cold

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    Default Kenmore Bottom Freezer Model 596-not cold

    Hi - I have a Kenmore model # 596.71102101 refrigerator which we bought in 2002. In 2004 the compressor went out and Sears replaced it. Now the refrigerator started making a humming noise (like it's trying to make ice). It would go on and off every minute or so. Then it stopped keeping the food frozen in the bottom freezer and the refrigerator started to lose it's temperature as well. I had a repair man come out and he said it's the compressor (again!) and Sears won't do anything about it since the 2nd compressor only had a 90 day warranty on it. The repair guy said compressors cost $800-$900 to replace and it would not be worth it. This sounds crazy - the refrigerator is not that old! Do I just have bad luck with these compressors, or should we stay away from Kenmore/Amana??? Thanks!

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    I'm uncertain about the manufacturer's warranty but the compressor should be covered 90 days or the remaining balance of said warranty, whichever is longer. How long does the owners guide give ya?

    Also another possibility could be the overload/relay. Sometimes they are tricky to diagnose.

    As far as avoiding the Amana platform refrig, I don't know about that time period. I always thought they seemed kind of reliable. But then, there aren't many in my area.

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