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Thread: Kenmore Freezer: cold but not freezing

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    Default Kenmore Freezer: cold but not freezing

    This is a Kenmore Automatic Defrost, Upright Freezer Model Number 2539280213. The compartment's lowest temperature is 32F. It's 5 years and 2 months old. I tried bypasing the cold control switch, compressor is running, timer switch is switching between compressor and defrost heater and the fan is running but it seems not cold enough. Does this mean the refrigerant R134A low? Should I fix or replace? The 5 year warranty on sealed refrigeration system expired 2 months ago.
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    Frankly, not sounding good. Sealed system issue (espacially on a relatively inexpensive appliance like an upright freezer) will generally be close to or exceed the cost of replacement. However, a couple of checks first:

    Does it appear to defrost OK?

    Can you take the inside back panel off and look at the evaporator? Should have a light, even layer of frost. Uneven or none = sealed system issue, see above :-(

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    After removing the back panel off, I saw some frosting in the top corner only. It appear to defrost OK. I disconnected the defrost heater just to be sure it's not causing the problem-no improvements. I think the sealed system leaked out.

    Thanks for the reply. I think that's all I can do in my level.

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