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Thread: Kenmore 106.56569400 fridge side warm - evaporator keeps frosting up

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    Default Kenmore 106.56569400 fridge side warm - evaporator keeps frosting up

    The fridge side of our Kenmore never seems to get below 40 degrees. The freezer side holds steady around 0-5 degrees. At least once a month, the fridge approaches 50 degrees and I have to take the back panel out of the freezer to melt all the ice off of the evaporator with a hair dryer. It gets totally clogged with ice so that no air could possibly move thru it. Any ideas as to why this happens once a month?


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    Hi Denny,

    There should be a diagnostics sheet behind your front bottom kickplate grill, it just snaps off, pull hard.

    If your heater element and defrost thermostat test good, then it has to be a bad control board.

    You would need a volt/ohm meter to check for continuity on the heater element and defrost thermostat(while frosty).

    #33 here:
    is your heater element and #35 is your defrost thermostat. Both are located inside your freezer section behind your inside freezer lower back panel.

    #6 here:
    is your main control board that controls your auto-defroster

    Sears wants $208 for it, You can get it here for $150:
    Manufacturer Part# 8201660

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