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Thread: Kenmore 80 series, buzzer won't shut off

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    Default Kenmore 80 series, buzzer won't shut off

    Hey everyone,

    The buzzer on my series 80 Kenmore dryer, model #96585200, fails to shut off at the end of any cycle. The dryer does dry properly throughout the entire cycle. However, once the cycle is complete, the buzzer continually sounds until you turn the cycle selector control slightly clockwise and you hear a click. If you then turn the selector to another drying mode (any of the three available), the dryer starts without having to push the "push to start" button. Also, while the buzzer sounds, if you open the door, the buzzer stops. However, when you close the door, the buzzer continually sounds again (unless you've manually turned the selector until hearing the aforementioned "click"). It seems like the cycle selector control is stuck upon completion of the drying cycle and won't advance past the next click, thereby shutting off the buzzer.

    Could this be a defective timer? Switch?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Model# is likely 110.96585200

    Check ( continuity with an ohm meter ) for a stuck/welded closed start switch.....should be open ( no continuity ) when not activated and be closed ( continuity ) when pushed or turned.

    Start switch Manufacturer Number 3395382

    Failing that....motor switch may be sticking

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