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Thread: Kenmore Elite HE3-bearing assembly

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    Default Kenmore Elite HE3-bearing assembly

    Model Number: 110.44832202
    Brand: Sears Kenmore

    I have read through much of the archives and see that this was a common problem with the Fridgedaire models and a rare one with the Whirlpool models, but I guess we are the lucky few.
    Our HE3 set is not quie 4 years old (July 04) and the basket completely seized up a couple days ago, would not spin or rotate. My husband has completely disassembled the machine and found one of the bearing assemblies completely in pieces. There were two, one is pressed into the outer tub and seems to be fine. Like I said, the other was loose bearings and torn metal laying inside the machine. In reading old posts, I realized that we had warning (the jet engine noise) but did not pay attention to it.
    The problem we have run into, is that Sears or the other repair shops he has spoken with do not know which part the bearing comes on since it is not available by itself. Since it was already broken there is no way for us to know if it was attached to the outer tub or to the basket. Does anyone have experience with this repair?

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    The bearings go to the rear tub and comes as a assembly.. its best to replace the rear tub and basket together since the basket shaft usually gets damaged when the bearings go bad...but the price is steep...
    Sears has the pts for 508.00 (R.Tub/Basket/Pulley Nut) has them for 450.00...

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    I was afraid you would say something like that!! ARGH !!!!!And yes you called it, the basket shaft does have a small gouge on it from where the bearing let loose. i was pretty sure i could dress it out, but.....i will probably replace both parts.thanks for the input

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    Here's the rear tub bearing assembly for your model:
    Manufacturer's Number: 285984


    Here's the basket assembly, Part#8182232:
    Manufacturer's Number: 8182232

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