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Thread: Frigidaire FWT647GHS0 fabric softener flood

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    Default Frigidaire FWT647GHS0 fabric softener flood

    It worked fine for the first five years. Now, the fabric softener well in the detergent dispenser drawer just fills with water. I've taken out the drawer and thoroughly cleaned it. Also, I did what I could to clean out the top of the compartment where the drawer slides in, but I haven't taken off the top of the washer.

    What are my next couple of steps?

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    You would need a new dispenser drawer, I've run accross this a few times and replacing the drawer always fixes it.

    #3 here is your dispenser drawer:

    You can order it here:
    Manufacturer's Number: 131271910

    To take the drawer out completely there is a release on the left back side of the drawer when you pull it out. Just push that plastic lever down, and it will come out.

    There is plastic push clips on the drawer to take it apart.

    You have to separate #9 from #3, by unsnapping the clips that hold it together, usually a flathead screwdriver will work.

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