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Thread: Bosch WTA 3500 UC 80/IV

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    Default Bosch WTA 3500 UC 80/IV

    All Lights work. Function buttons seem to change functions. When I push start button "Drying" light comes on but nothing happens.

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    Default Checked

    There is a "NTC" temp sensor that is listed as R3 that reads open. The schematic says 18K. It looks like a sensor. It's in a plenum with what appears to be heaters and a Overheat Thermostat. I'm looking at schematic 5185418AA7.

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    Default Double Check

    I double checked NTC sensor. It checks good. I had the meter on the wrong scale. I think my problem may be the motor overload. Does anyone know the P/N I could not find it on the on line parts list. I am currious if it's easy to get to.


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    I know very little about Bosch appliances, so I asked in AJ's forum, here's the reply I got from Chris:

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