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Thread: Subzero 550 electrical short

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    Default Subzero 550 electrical short

    I have a subzero 550. It's about 18 years old, I guess. About a month ago, replaced the condenser fan, which failed. This morning I opened the fridge and the power was off. Went to the circuit breaker and the breaker was tripped. The breaker would not reset. I unplugged the fridge and the breaker reset. So, I assume there is a short in the fridge. What are my next steps?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    Check the main wiring harness behind the grill, I've seen those connection get loose then heat up and start to melt. Or you may have a compressor problem, the compressor could be trying to start and pulling to many amps. Check the LRA on the tag.
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    Make sure it's not the circuit first. Disconnect the main harness in the top of the unit and restore power to it to see if the breaker will stay on. If it will then you can start checking components in the unit. I have been to houses where storms came through and customers thought the appliance was tripping the circuit but that wasn't the case. Remember to turn the breaker back off before you start testing.

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