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Thread: Maytag Refrigerator Mtf2142eew01 Coolth Issues

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    Default Maytag Refrigerator Mtf2142eew01 Coolth Issues

    I have a Maytag MTF2142EEW01 refrigerator purchased last November. Summer is here, and the ice cream in the freezer is soup. Ice cubes and other things are frozen just fine. I adjusted the temp control to colder, and the ice cream got soupier.

    I also have issues with the top part of the refrigerator freezing salad greens. Temp was set at 3, the "recommended setting."

    Any words of wisdom from anyone or should I move the ice cream to the top shelf of the refrigerator and the salad greens to the freezer?

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    Thats odd that the ice cream is soupy but the ice cubes and everything else in the freezer is fine, and also the freezing salad greens in the refrigerator section.

    Sounds like either your temp. thermostat is bad or your electronic control.

    But the good news is that you have 1 full year warranty on it from Maytag for parts & labor, take advantage of it, I've seen so many customers not act on their free 1 yr. warranty and regret it terribly later when things really go south!

    Let us know what the tech. finds out.

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