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    Default Fridge Not Cold, Freezer Working - KitchenAid Superba


    I have a KSRA25ILSS02. My younger son seems to mess around with the fridge quite a bit. A few days ago, he apparently set the lower tray settings to meat (the sliding setting). That froze up everything in the Fridge section.

    After that the Fridge section is not cooling enough. The freezer is working fine. I can hear the fan in this section.

    However, in the Fridge section, I notice cold air coming in thru the lower vent when I slide it all the way to the Meat setting. No / hardly noticeable air seems to be coming thru the upper vent. I did unplug the Refrigerator completely for more than 12 hours. I even removed the rear cardboard panel on the lower side and cleaned up all the dust on the coils using the vaccum / blower. None of these work

    Pls advise.
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    You can stick something small in the vent to see if the vent louvers open, like a small pocket screwdriver or small pen/pencil and see if more cold air comes through and if so, then leave it in till your new air diffuser arrives.

    I've replaced lots of these for this issue.

    Here's the one for your model you can order:
    Whirlpool WP2216112 Air Diffuser -

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