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Thread: low cold water flow on clothes washer

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    Default low cold water flow on clothes washer

    Model Number: LSQ9659PW4
    Brand: Whirlpool

    Water flow rate is quite slow. Use only cold water on wash and rinse, so removed and cleaned the faucet to hose inlet screen. Flow is a little better but still much less than when new. Water pressure is good. Removed the hose from the washer connection to clean perhaps a filter in the inlet connection on the washer.
    See what appears to be a sintered metal filter (or a filer clogged with sand and hardened). Looked for information or a diagram to determine if this inlet has a removable filter or just what is inside the inlet, but cannot find. Any info on what this is?

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    Water flow rate is quite slow
    New fill valve time.

    Water Inlet Valve - LSQ9659PW4

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