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Thread: Kenmore Elite (110.62042100) Dead after power hit

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    Default Kenmore Elite (110.62042100) Dead after power hit

    I searched throught the forums and didn't see anything exactly like this so I tought I would post I searched through the forums and didn't see anything exactly like this so I thought I would post.

    We were doing laundry and the power went out while the dryer was running. When the power came back on the dryer would not start up. I checked the breaker and it was OK. When you opened the dryer door the light came on. So I knew it was getting power. I pulled the top off looking for a fuse and found the Tech Sheet – Troubleshooting guide.

    I did the 3 tests for Won’t Power Up
    1. 120v test – Good
    2. Harness Connections – Good
    3. Touchpad/LED Assembly – Not Good

    None of the LEDs would light so I checked the P3 and P4 connectors. They looked good.

    Placed my negative lead on P4-1 and checked the listed contacts. Should have 3 VDC, I had .5 - so replace electronic control.

    I had to call and order, none in stock from any store. PN 8566150 from Sears and $30 to have it expedited. I called on Saturday and it was supposed to be at my house Tuesday. I got it Wednesday.

    I replaced the part and the dryer started running, fixed so I thought. Put a load in the dryer and it worked. The second load and the dryer quit somewhere in the process. Lights would not turn back on. I thought great I fried that board. Pulled out my tested and all the voltages were OK. Great touchpad is bad???

    I was frustrated, threw the breaker and went inside. The next morning turned the breaker back on and the dryer worked. Hmmm

    We have gone that way for a week now. Do two loads, dryer powers off, turn breaker off, wait until morning, finish drying load, power off at breaker, run at night for a load or two. Until last night, now its dead no lights on touchpad. Left powered off for 24 hours still dead. Tested voltages to touchpad all 3.5 or around there.

    So the question is, if I replace the touchpad is that going to fix all my problems. So far out $230, I found the touchpad (PN 3979125). With shipping probably puts me in the $200 range. $430 is very close to a nice new high end dryer.

    Would Sears take my Electronic Control back?

    Would a power hit blow these things? Nothing else in the house was damaged.

    Would/could anything else be damaged as well?

    Any suggestions would be welcome. The wife is getting touchy about this…
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    Its hard to say if the power problems caused it, but you can get spikes that can cause damage after an outage.

    It does sound like the control touch-panel is acting up . I know the cost to replace it is high, especially after you have already replaced the control board.

    Sears may take the control board back, I know the only place that takes all parts back for a full refund with 365 days even electronic parts is

    Here's the control board for your model: Main Control Board 8566150 Order now for same day shipping. 365 day return policy.

    Here's the touchpad control panel for your model: Touchpad and Control Panel 3979125 Order now for same day shipping. 365 day return policy.

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