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Thread: Wash Cycle Times

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    Question Wash Cycle Times

    Model Number: MAH5500BWW
    Brand: Maytag

    Model number: MAH5500BWW
    SN: A2983693CG

    My wife reports the wash times seem excessive. I looked at the panel and using the following setting this is what I read:

    Light Soil Normal Soil Heavy Soil
    Cotton 81 81 99

    Wrinkle Free 73 81 80

    Delicates 74 80 98

    HandWash 93 78 99

    This is using the "Max Extract" settings.

    Is this excessive? Since I rarely use the machine, I really don't know.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Herb,

    Those times seem normal to me, I also have a front-loader and thats about the same times as mine.

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    I have that same model, and my Cotton/Heavy Soil with (just) Max Extract is only 66 minutes. It only goes up to 99 if I also enable the 'stain cycle', 'Pre-soak', and 'extra rinse' options.

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    Make sure you're using HE (high efficiency) detergent. Remember, the microprocessor can and WILL adapt times based upon what it sees. It doesn't mean anything is wrong. It is also winter. Clothes are heavier due to colder temperatures and the control must factor the increased torque of the motor into its algorithm.
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