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Thread: Samsung French Door refrigerator

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    Default Samsung French Door refrigerator

    Model Number: RF267AA
    Brand: other

    We have a Samsung Refrigerator with French doors and a through the door ice-maker. The ice maker has never really been able to keep up with just 2 adults, but at least used to fill the ice bin occasionally.

    Then it slowed to perhaps 4 trays/ day. Not nearly enough. We rang Samsung and they walked us through the reset steps and we have since been getting a better quantity of ice again but still not really sufficient.

    Filters are replaced regularly as the panel indicates it is required.

    Is there any measure of how much ice these machines should make. Mostly we are happy since we purchased this model ( far less food spoiling than with our Kenmore) . Is there anything that we can do to improve ice making performance.

    If we look to replace this, are there any models that have better ice making capabilities?


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    Default lucky to get one cycle a day

    Hi Wine-refrige,

    In fact we are lucky if we get one or two trays of ice a day. Is there any any way to check/reset/fix this ice maker ? I once called the samsung help line and they went through all the bs is it turned on ... stir the ice ... yaddah yaddah .. until they got to an interesting part of the script where they had me press a reset button. interesting idea but no improvement in ice production. Best we have found is an 18lb bag of ice stored in the refrigerator and used to top up (read fill) the ice maker every other day.


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    It is possible that the icemaker may have an electronic problem and may need to be replaced. As for capacity, there is nothing you can do. Samsung designed the icemaker bucket to only hold about 2lbs of ice as oppose to others that can hold 5 lbs of ice. Also, the ice maker sensor arm is located towards the rear of the icemaker there by causing it to sense a filled ice bucket too soon. Every now and then you should draw some ice to move the ice forward and thereby allowing the icemaker to produce more ice.

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