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Thread: F21, F28 fault codes

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    Default F21, F28 fault codes

    Model Number: WFW9200SQA12
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: 1-5 years

    At wits end.....

    Probably going to give too much info, but I figure too much is better than not enough....

    We have a Whirlpool Duet (not the Sport model of that makes a difference) that we bought almost exactly 2 yrs ago.

    Problem started a couple of days ago. Had 3 pairs of jeans in a load that seemed to unbalance the washer (washer was noisier than usual and was vibrating more than usual). The load finished w/out any problems, tho, so I didn't think anything of it. Then I put in another load - smaller, lighter load of sheets - and then the error codes started. I think the first error code was F21, which I tried to clear it by pressing "Pause/Cancel" twice as directed in the manual. This didn't work and I was unable to unlock/open the door. I kept trying "Pause/Cancel" and then got an F28 code. Ended up having to power down the washer by unplugging it.

    Have read a few different forums on the F21 code and even watched the youtube videos of guys troubleshooting their F21 codes. Also called Whirlpool's service # listed in the manual, but the rep was unhelpful other than wanting to schedule an appt for a tech to come out.

    We've opened the front panel, opened the filter, drained the water (not as much there as we thought there might be), and cleaned the filter. There was barely any crap in the filter - just a few VERY small pieces of soggy lint and that's it.

    We've checked all of the hoses and they all seem clear. Have also checked easily visible wiring to make sure nothing came loose.

    Closed up the panel, had a clear display, so decided to run the "Clean Washer" cycle in hopes we solved the problem (wishful thinking) and about 15 minutes into it, the F21 code showed up again.

    What else can be done? How do we isolate the issue and then repair it?

    Also, we haven't seen the F28 error again, just the F21. I'm wondering....could an F28 error problem be throwing an F21 code in error? In other words, could it be we don't really have an F21 problem at all, but an F28 problem?? Or do we have both??

    Hubby & I are both laid off and we'd like to try to do the repair ourselves since money is so tight.

    Any repair advice you can give is most appreciated!

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    Default Possibly fixed

    Hubby may have fixed it - figures...after spending 2 days trying to resolve it and right after a post in a forum for help....

    Hubby removed the hose from the pump and found the offending article in the pump - a small plastic washer that wasn't removed from one of our pants pockets.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that plastic washer was the issue. It's too late to actually run a load tonight, but the "Clean Washer" cycle ran without a problem.

    So, keeping my fingers crossed the F28 error was just a flukey response to pressing the "Pause/Cancel" button too many times in an attempt to clear the F21 error.

    Will update in a day or two after I've actually been able to run a load.

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    ok keep us posted

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    Yes, let us know what happens.

    Here's the tech. data sheet for your model that shows the F28 error code:

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