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Thread: Samsung dryer t0 error

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    Default Samsung dryer t0 error

    Model Number: DV316LES
    Brand: other

    My dryer runs for a bit then gives a t0 error (looks like a lower case t or E without the top bar) and a few beeps and then shuts off. I have to power it off and then power back on and then it will run for a bit again.

    I spoke with a Samsung support person and they said the t0 error meant "thermistor open". I opened up the dryer and took out the thermistor and checked it with my multimeter. It doesn't seem to be bad as the resistance is going up when I cool it and down when I heat it.

    I cleaned everything thoroughly and re-assembled and I'm still getting the error. What next?

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    I'm having the same error code and symptoms. Any ideas?
    If you subscribed to this post KRavEN, what was the problem?
    Thank you

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