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Thread: Kenmore (Whirlpool) dishwasher power problem

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    Dishwasher model: 665.15732000

    Not long ago our dishwasher was leaking horribly, but thanks to this fantastic forum, and Dan O. particularly, *that* part is all fixed. Now something completely unrelated (I think?) has happened, and I'm hoping for more help...

    Suddenly (in the middle of a cycle, with water still in the bottom of the machine), the whole thing lost power. No lights in the front, nothing. After some messing around with a multimeter, we think we've found the culprit: a little device that says "MICROTEMP" with a whole lot of numbers, that on the wiring diragram is labelled "TCO 98ºC (208ºF) 3376359." The symbol is a wavy line. We have no idea what this thing is -- perhaps a safety device if the temp. in the machine goes over 208ºF? It's the first device in the line side, before it goes into the electronic part. Presumably at normal, room temperatures, power should be able to cross it?

    So my questions are: What is this thing, and what is it supposed to do? And should we just replace it? Or should we be worried that it's being "blown" is a symptom of some other dangerous problem?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Thermal fuse....

    Thermal fuse kit with harness - *Always use new wiring harness

    This -usually- goes because one of the wires leading to it or from it was loose and caused the thermal fuse to heat up and quit. It should have continuity across it or, pass power through it as you have mentioned.

    Most ( all I think! ) that we have had to change have been ok afterwards

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