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Thread: Tripping the breaker

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    Default Tripping the breaker

    Model Number: LD9804
    Brand: Maytag

    Hey folks

    My Maytag gas dryer is going on 17 years old. It's still a great machine: this is the only problem I've ever had with it.

    My drum started making noises about two weeks ago, and -I'm guessing it's no coincidence- the dryer started to trip the first it was occassionally and not immediately upon pushing start.

    I've let it slide for two weeks as we had a stream of house guests and the laundry situation sort of exploded

    Today, I took off the front panel and the front bulkhead and sure enough, the glides are shot: the felt seals seem ok....and from what i can see of the belt, it looks ok, too. Contrary to what I've been seeing online, the blower fan isn't stripped off its spindle, either (read somewhere that it's a common occurance)

    Still, I'm left wondering why the breaker keeps tripping: there's a short somewhere, and I'm crummy with electrical stuff. (I'm very good at following directions, tho ) Could it be as simple as the metal drum rubbing against the metal front, or is there some part I should be looking at for failure?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    Yes, it sounds like a direct short if it trips the breaker when you first turn it ON, it could be anywhere, so unplug your dryer take it all apart and check all your electrical components and wiring.

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