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Feb 9, 2021
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I recently purchased a 1920s Hotpoint RA65 electric range and my son is in the process of rewiring it. However, the "thrift cooker" element (the well where the aluminum pot sits down in) broke when he was trying to remove it. Does anyone know where I could possibly get another one of these or know of an updated replacement for this element? It's a 3-prong element instead of a 2-prong. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm planning on using this in our old family farm house which would fit perfectly in that setting. We have not completed the wiring as of yet but when we do, not sure if the oven elements will hold up. They are the coil type like in the picture. Where could I get replacements for these also?

Hotpoint Thrift Cooker Element.jpg


Dan O.

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Oct 9, 2004
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If the ceramic was intact it might have been possible to replace just the element coil. I've never seen such an element and have absolutely no idea what it could be replaced with. If you can't find another used one, it will likely be up to your ingenuity.

The only options is can suggest:

1. Check with the restoration companies at the following link. Maybe they have one removed from a range they can sell you or know of something to replace it.

LINK > Appliance411: Appliance Links: Restoration

2. Periodically check eBay for used ones. Choosing search terms might be tricky, you might try the following. If you use the link "Save this search” eBay will email you when new items matching the search terms are added.

LINK > GE 'deep well' element search

3. See if you can find a local company that works in ceramics and see if they can make a replacement from that sample and then get a new coil install in it. You'll likely have to determine exactly how.

4. Look for a similar stove model to rob for parts.

Do you know if it's 120 volts or 240v? That will be important too.


Dan O.
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