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1940 Frigidaire YG2 Wiring Help

Scott F.

Apr 9, 2022
St Louis
Model Number
Frigidaire 6-40
Good morning all!

I've got a question on wiring in a new, solid state relay on my 1940 Frigidaire 6-40. This fridge uses the YG2 relay and the YK thermostat. I came with the optional (combination) door switch/cabinet light (plunger style switch).

The fridge stopped working recently. When the fridge called for cooling, I heard a hum and then (I assume) the overload kicked in and broke contact and shut off. I've ohmed out the compressor. The run pins fall between 4 and 6 ohms and the start is running a bit high at 14 ohms. I've pulled the YG relay and it's pretty toasty so I decided to replace it with a new, Supco RO81. After doing some searching on this forum, I ran across this schematic by rickgburton.


The issue I'm trying to wrap my head around is the thermostat lead that comes back down to the relay that calls for start to the compressor. Here is the schematic for the fridge. It's the red wire at terminal 4 on the YK.

yk thermostat.JPG

The question is, did I pick the right relay? If so, can someone advise me on where to land (or jumper) the thermostat wire?

Scott F.

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