1947 GE FRIDGE Thermostat Help!!!!!


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Jul 7, 2020
I am restoring a 1947 GE fridge and I thought I was good cause it was running but now it never stops running. It freezes everything. Even when I turn the knob off it still runs. What kind of replacement thermostat will work?


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What kind of replacement thermostat will work?

What kind of refrigerator is it since you didn't post its model number? A single door manual defrost or maybe a cycle-defrost??

Please post its model number and also pictures of the interior of any part(s) that get cold when running (ie. its evaporator).

Dan O.
I literally just returned from the grocery store 30 minutes ago to stock up my 1952 GM Frigidaire after dealing with this same issue. For me, the contacts in the thermostat (cold control) were stuck closed. I guess 68 years is about all one could expect out of it.

I tried to file them and clean them up like you would old points in a car's ignition system but no bueno. I tried adapting another thermostat and still had issues. Finally, although it was a bit of a journey I was able to get it to work again and it works well, hence the trip to the store to stock it with beer (it's a garage refrigerator). Oh, if would have skipped trying to repair the original thermostat and then installing the first replacement thermostat and fiddling with it, I would have spent $18 and an hour to get it fixed. I will try to later tonight to post the details. BTW, the guys here were a huge help and they didn't even know it!


OK. You can see my whole story (long):
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