1948 GM Frigidaire MJ-6 Restoration

LINK > A30-184 is a universal Ranco cold control that replaces A10-701

LINK > Ranco A30-184 Thermostat (no pic)

The last part # for the relay was 5305876896 but is discontinued. It replaces previous part #'s 01128656, 01128814, 05417228, 05417356, 05850649, 05850691, 05850824, 05876896, 05890835, 05901083, 5417228, 5417356, 5850649, 5850691, 5850824, 5876896, 5890835, 5876896, 5901083. None of which appear to be currently listed on eBay.


Dan O.
Thank you! I was able to find that thermostat on ebay for a better price. I hope the stem is adaptable for my existing dial and cover disc. I may settle for a newer relay since those listed above aren't available atm. I'll update again after I install the replacement thermostat.

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