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Sep 4, 2021
Billings Montana
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Hello, I acquired a nonworking Hotpoint fridge and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. It came with my house. I love it for the vintage look, but wondering if it's worth it to hire someone to repair. Ideally, I'd love to keep it and use it as a back up fridge and drink fridge. I suspect it's a 1950 model, but can't confirm based on internet searches. Model is 12EG11A and serial number is NT1666241. I don't know who to reach out to locally to get an estimate for repair. I live in Billings, Montana. Any advice and wisdom is welcome!


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The first thing you should do is determine if the compressor is working. Turn it on and you should hear the compressor turn on. If it doesn't turn on, check if it's getting 120 VAC at the compressor. If the compressor is shot it's probably not worth fixing. The biggest problem is going to be finding someone that wants to work on it. None of the parts are available and no one wants to find parts that will work.
Thank you - I did see a dried puddle of oil under the compressor - I understand that's a sign it could be bad? I couldn't confirm that it's getting power. When I plug it in it's silent.
I did see a dried puddle of oil under the compressor
Signs of oil usually indicate a refrigerant leak. However compressor oil never dries so I don't think it's oil. Take a pic and post it here.
I couldn't confirm that it's getting power.
You'll need a DMM to measure the voltage. Digital Multi-Meters are not that expensive. You can pick one up for less than $20 at Walmart or any of the home centers. They're easy to learn. It takes about 20 minutes or less to learn how they work. A DMM comes in handy for a lot of things, not just appliance repair. If you plan on fixing anything like appliances in the future, a DMM is a must.

That's not oil. It's a combination of dust, moisture and the heat from the compressor. I see it all the time.

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