1950s Commercial Magic Chef Range - Thermostat replacement/repair


Dec 8, 2020
Tucson AZ
Hello all!
I have a really cool 1950s Magic Chef commercial range that needs a thermostat repaired or replaced. So, a couple questions for the antique appliance community:

1. Can anyone recognize this thermostat and comment on the ease of finding a replacement?
The only markings I have found on the Tstat is 3199 13

2. Can anyone comment of the difficulty of a DIY repair? Mine seems to function correctly, but has a VERY hard to turn knob. I am an engineer and consider my self capable/ resourceful enough to likely be able to take on the repair, but if these are super delicate or rare, I’d probably just wait for pro repair or replacement.

pictures are below:

I don't have any experience with commercial products but if it's like domestic ranges of the era, there is only a very slim chance of finding a new replacement.

There are a number of companies that can rebuild older gas thermostats. You could try contacting one of them.

LINK > Gas Oven Thermostat Restoration Services

(There's pictures of some gas controls at the last link on that page.)

Dan O.
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