1950's Hotpoint restoration Help!


Apr 28, 2016
Hello! I just purchased a 1950's hotpoint refrigerator that I want to partially restore. The Fridge was converted to a Kegerator which is what I wanted it for but needs a new paint job and a few trim pieces need replaced / re-fabricated. Who ever put the tap system in didn't seal the door properly so the other side of the tap is just a hole in the inner liner about the size of a fist with metal ducting tape around it. I plan on redoing that and securing a sealed bread pan inside the hole to properly close it off but still have access to the taps.

I have a few questions on this partial restoration as I have not done this before. The fridge itself runs great, so I'm not concerned about restoring/replacing the refrigeration system. However, I read that the insulation on these sometimes need replaced and that it is a big job to do so...removing the entire refrigeration system is a slight concern without having an idea of the schematics of the system.

Does anyone have any tips on this or know where I can find the schematics of the fridge so I can see how in-depth this would be?

What are your recommendations? Should I only concern myself with the door insulation and the door seal making sure they are secure and provide a tight seal?
Is there much energy that is lost do to the insulation of the body of the fridge? Any advice on running a system check on the refrigeration system?

Also, I plan on doing a new paint job on this. any tips or advice for that? Will be sanding down, filling in dents and scratches with bondo, sanding a bunch more then painting with a gloss enamel based paint.

I am new to this type of project but am very mechanically inclined and have broken down washers/dishwashers to fix on my own before using video tutorials and forum suggestions. I just can't seem to find anything on my fridge that will help give me the information I need.

I appreciate all the advice and any tips you have to offer.

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