1950's Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator


Dec 1, 2015
Model Number
106 J11C-D1
Model Number: 106 J11C-D1
Brand: Sears Kenmore
Age: More than 10 years

Hello Everyone,

I recently got my hands on 1950's coldspot refrigerator and have been trying to revive the thing back to life. This is a new venture for me as I don't have a lot of experience working with refrigerators and their components. It was a functioning unit according to the owner when I purchased it but it was definitely a little beat up. There was a decent amount of rust, dust and hadn't been cleaned in a while. The interior of the fridge was well kept but there was definite rust around the coils and base of the refrigerator. I cleaned the coils and removed the rust from these areas by using a refrigerator coil brush and krud kutter. I have been replacing the wiring as well because a lot of it was corroded but since this has been done the compressor has not been kicking on. I hear a charge sound and a click then its quiet. This sequence usually continues to repeat until I unplug the unit. As far as the wiring I replaced, I replaced the wiring from the compressor to the relay and installed a new power cord. It was a little confusing with where to hook the wiring for the compressor because the connector to the compressor was labeled by color (red,white and black) where the wiring in the relay went to s,m, and 3. I took pictures of the wiring so I tried to match it up as best as I could. Ok so now onto my questions. As far as the wiring goes, are there standard connections for the s, m and 3? I tested the resistance of the compressor and was able to find the common, start and run but was a little unsure as to what they hooked up to. Also, is the reason my compressor is not clicking on due to the relay being shot? I have enclosed pictures to hopefully help to explain the situation. Any info is greatly appreciated as I have tried finding info on line, called local appliance places and have reached out to some vintage restore places but haven't found too much information yet. Thanks again.


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