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1951 (?) GE Fridge


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Apr 29, 2015
First, I'm not sure I found the model number. Nothing shows up in my searches online when I type in what I've found. I've posted pics of the two decals I found to see if either are the model plus a picture of the fridge if anyone can tell me anything about it.

Most important at this moment: I need to fix or replace my condenser fan (it was squeaking for a couple days and now it's not turning at all) but it seems impossible to get to - behind a grill I don't know if I can move from the front (bottom) or behind the compresser from the back. Everything is enclosed in a metal shield. Anyone have experience in how I can get in there? Right now I'm leaving the back and bottom plate off to allow more air to pass through to cool things off a bit down there. Thanks in advance!!
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Bottom front and bottom rear - to show how the condenser fan is 'hidden' or unreachable... And I've read to not tilt the fridge either, even though I'm not sure I could get to it even if I did...

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