1955 Demo Coldspot chest freezer


Apr 17, 2021
Model Number
Coldspot Superwa
Hi all. This is probably a sacrilegous post, but I am trying to safely demo the giant chest freezer in the basement of my 1956 house. It is a Super Wall Coldspot. My guess is it is from 1955 or so and was put into service when the house was built. It turned on, but did not cool. I need the space in my basement, so it needs to go. It will not fit through my doors And will barely even fit up my basement stairway. I am in the process of carefully dismantling it. I have no idea if it has refrigerant left in it. I have no idea what kind of refrigerant it may be. I do know one of my colleagues tried to demo an ancient freezer in her basement with a sawzall, and had leaked ammonia. She had to evacuate and call the fire department. I do not want this to happen to me. I have removed the top door and started to remove the fiberglass insulation to see what I am contending with. I do not think I can remove anything else without breaking out the sawzall. Has anyone dealt with this before? Do you know what type of chemicals are running through the tubes?

If anyone wants the baskets or door, I am happy to give them to you for the cost of shipping.

I sincerely appreciate any assistance.
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