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Thread: Upright Freezer cold not freezing

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    Default Upright Freezer cold not freezing

    Model Number: 253.9260211
    Brand: Sears Kenmore

    I realized this freezer stopped freezing about a week ago when all my frozen fish from a pre oil spill expedition leaked out onto the floor. What a smell. The freezer compartment was cool to cold at the top and much warmer nearer the bottom. I cleaned out the freezer and let it air out a few days. I removed the shelves and back panel and plugged it in. the compressor is running very quietyly and after overnight is pretty hot to the touch. The freezer is cool but not cold inside and the coils have a slight frost on them only on the top row or two of tubes. The fan is running fine. Could you tell me the most likely suspects? The unit was manufactured in 1997. Is it worth fixing? Thanks

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    Its your compressor thats gone bad, It would cost about $400 to have a new compressor installed, not worth it.

    Average life of freezers is only 8-12 years now.

    Time to go new freezer shopping.

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