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1956 or 1957 GE J501P1M1 Oven - Thermostat Knob Attachment/Spinning Freely


Apr 19, 2023
Wichita, KS
Model Number
Hello, everyone. First time posting. I was hoping someone could help me with an issue I have spent hours and hours trying to find a solution to on-line. We have a rental house with a 1956 or 1957 GE J501P1M1 oven. The last tenants were horrible and caused lots of intentional damage to our house. One of the things they did was take the oven thermostat knob from the house when they moved out. There was a broken piece of, what looked to be a retainer clip still on the thermostat shaft. I purchased another matching thermostat knob. The retainer clip seems to be necessary in order for the knob to not spin freely and for the knob to turn the thermostat. I have asked many people on eBay that are selling knobs if they have this little retainer clip. Nobody seems to have a clue what I am talking about. I am hoping someone here has some information on the oven and they have some part numbers for me and/or a good solution. The oven works perfectly, but without a working knob to turn the thermostat. The new tenant wants to be able to tell what temp the oven is for baking. I can't blame them.

Maybe I purchased the wrong knob and you don't need a retainer clip like I found damaged,?. The knob part number from the eBay listing was 461A605G1 (KN-8g1). It has red in the temp indicator triangle, which matches the other On/Off/Bake/Broil knob. So I think it is the correct knob and the retainer clip plays a role in it working correctly.

Attached is a pic of the thermostat, without the clip attached. I am guessing I have to take the cover off of the thermostat in order to attach a non-damaged clip, if I can find one. Or maybe the clip snaps into the knob and locks to the clip ring on the back of the knob. I just don't know. I am also attaching a pic of a similar knob (black temp indicator triangle) to what is on the oven now and a pic of the back of the knob that spins freely on the thermostat shaft (it is taken apart for a visual). And I am attaching 3 different pics of the damaged clip. The piece that is missing is the side where I think another notch would go to hold the clip in place. I am missing the last side of the triangle shape that would fit snug into the knob.

Thank you for any help. Gotta love rental houses...

Trae Jones


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