1957 Frigidaire French Door wall oven


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Nov 29, 2021
Model Number
RBW 90
I have a 1957 Frigidaire French Door wall oven model number RBW 90. The oven has a sheet of metal that pops out in order to protect the cabinets etc. from getting too hot. There is a band that goes across the sheet that keeps the metal from going in too far. The band has the Frigidaire logo on it. I was wondering if anyone has any idea where I could find one because the sheet doesn't always pop out.

any idea where I could find one because the sheet doesn't always pop out.
Why can't you fix it?? When appliances get that old, you're not going to find any cosmetic parts for it. An online search is your best bet. You lost me with the "metal that protects cabinets" and some kind of "band". What sheet pops out of where?
I am interested in fixing it. I just need to figure out what would be comparable to the Frigidaire strip. It's not cosmetic. I am attaching pictures to show some of the damage and the parts. I don't have a list of part names and number to tell you what the strip is. I know how long it is supposed to be but not really how wide.
sheet circle.jpgdamage.jpgInkedMid-Century-Modern-French-Door-Wall-Oven-Vintage-Retro-1950s-1960s-09-uj_LI.jpgInkedIMG_9156_LI.jpg
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OK, I'm not familiar enough with that particular model and that part. I did some searching and the best I can tell is it's used as a heat shield for the controls when the doors are open. It probably doesn't pull out any further than the picture with eBay on it. I only see it on the french door ovens and I wouldn't be surprised if the doors, when opened, pull it out automatically.. You're going to need to do some disassembly on the oven to get the information you need, like the width and if it is attached to the doors and how it rides. The ones I looked at appear to come out at an angle. It can probably be manufactured from hobby stock at any of the home centers. Trying to find a used one might be fruitless because it's such an odd part.
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