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1972 Vintage Magic Chef 7333W-5HLPW Repair/Conversion


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May 22, 2019
Blairsville, PA
Model Number
Model Number: 7333W-5HLPW
Brand: Magic Chef
Age: More than 10 years


I'm glad to be joining this forum. I have finally acquired my first vintage range, a Magic Chef 7333W-5HLPW. Can anyone offer any information on someone in the Pittsburgh, PA/surrounding areas that would be willing to give this range a "once over"? Also, the it is natural gas. Can this be converted to propane? There is no natural gas service at my house where this stove will be used. Thank you!

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Model number incorrect?

Model Number: 7333W-5HLPW
That doesn't look like a valid model number. Can you double check it and/or post a picture of its identification tag?

Dan O.
The 7 at the beginning seemed really faint so I don't know if it was stamped incorrectly or not. I can get a better picture as well if needed. This is just the one that I had saved.

Data Plate.jpg
Probably Z333W-5HLPW

It looks like that model number is probably Z333W-5HLPW.

From an old parts list:
Magic Chef Parts List said:
Ranges equipped with fixed orifices and pressure regulator for use on natural gas only. "Z-" Model ranges.

I don't know if an experienced propane installer might be able to change all the burner orifices and the regulator to function on propane. I don't know where you'd be able to purchase the necessary parts as there are no part numbers given for the propane equivalents. Sorry

BTW. The parts list was dated 1972 so the range should be from that general era.

Dan o.
Thanks so much for the information! I'm going to call around and see if I can find an old appliance tech that can help me out.

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