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1980's Kenmore 70 series - water pump randomly turning on


Premium Member
Jun 19, 2020
Model Number
70 Series
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
Hi, I have a 1980's model Kenmore 70 series washer. Its the old style with the belt driven motor. It works absolutely perfect except for one issue. It fills with water, starts agitating, but then randomly it will stop agitating, and the water pump will kick on for anywhere from 1 second to maybe 10 seconds (it doesnt drain it all the way). As soon as the pump stops, it starts agitating again until the next random time that the water pump turns on. Sometimes it will refill the water back up, I'm guessing if it senses that its too low. It does this many times during a cycle (anywhere from 0 to 20 times in one cycle). Sometimes I get lucky and it completes a whole cycle without doing it. Any ideas of what the problem may be?