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Thread: Maytag PAV2300 not spinning properly

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    Unhappy Maytag PAV2300 not spinning properly

    I have a Maytag PAV2300 that is less than 4 years old. It is not spinning properly on heavy loads. The local service guys say this is a common problem and there is nothing that can be done. They also say that the problem stems from the fact that there is not an off balance switch. Has anyone found a way around this? I hate to buy a new washer already. This sounds like a design flaw on Maytag's part, has anyone contacted Maytag?


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    Could be several things causing this besides the off-balanced loads, A bad motor pivot/spring, belt worn, thrust bearing going bad.

    They did have some snubber problems, white plastic white shavings underneath the washer, so if you see that underneath, thats a major repair.

    Here is a link that will explain more about these washers:

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