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Thread: Ice Maker fill problems

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    Default Ice Maker fill problems

    Model Number: KSRS27QAWH07
    Brand: KitchenAid

    I've replaced my ice maker module approx. 3 months ago due to a broken tooth on the synchronous motor gear.
    It has been working fine until recently due to water supply problems occurring from my reverse osmosis filter.
    I have the water supply line routed from under the kitchen sink's R.O. filter to the fridge through the walls. It is about 15' feet of 1/4" poly line. It reduces the flow and pressure from the source, somewhat, because of it's small diameter. The actual source pressure is not normal household water pressure to begin with because of the operational pressures of the R.O. unit. The filter's product water holding-tank supplies water to both the sink's water faucet and the fridge.
    I've noticed that the ice maker tray only fills about half way. Only 4 cubes of the tray's 8 cubes are produced.
    I've read here and on other forums that the line pressure should be at least 20#. I doubt that I'm at the pressure at the ice maker.
    Is there any way to lengthen the fill time for the ice maker?
    I had noticed that there is a small nylon adjustment screw on the right side of the ice maker module. What is this adjustment screw for? I've re-adjusted it several times hoping that it had some effect on fill time but hadn't noticed any difference in operation.
    Thanks in advance for any information you may shed on this.

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    Yes, you can turn the fill set screw somewhat to increase fill time, but it may not be enough to compensate for the low water pressure.

    Turning the set screw counter-clockwise increases the water fill. 1/2 turn = approx 20cc of water. No more than one full turn in either direction or damage to the module could occur.

    But it would be better to not go through your reverse osmoisis filter for the refrigerator, installing a universal in-line filter would likely solve this issue.

    Here's a good universal one you can order here:
    Icemaker Water Filter Kit

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