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2021 KitchenAid Dishwasher Lights Blinking 4/8


Feb 8, 2023
Model Number
Less than 1 year
My dishwasher is caught in a continuous loop. I ran a "Quick Wash" cycle two days ago and it was working fine until the sink the hoses connect to started to fill with water. Turns out there was ice blocking the drain pipe that runs outside on my property (old house). So my sink fills with some water. I found the outside pipe and cleared the ice and the water drained from it. Good to go.

Well, the dishwasher started blinking 'Clean' along with the light in the front top right corner 4 times and 8 times. Every 45 seconds or so the dishwasher makes a sound like the machine is doing something, whirs around for another 45 then turns off. All the while this 4/8 light cycle blinks. When I open the doors there is no sign of water or anything. It's bone dry.

No matter how many times I open the door and push Cancel or other buttons, there's no response, although in the last hour the Cancel light has been responding, momentarily stopping the whirring sound. But only for a couple seconds.

I've shut down the power for several minutes but it doesn't do anything. Is it the drip plate? I read somewhere about a drip plate filling as a possible problem. I have this dishwasher set in a frame, so don't have any room along the sides. I can't pull the plug unless I unscrew everything. The plug is behind the dishwasher in the casing. I've let it run now for about a half hour and it's doing the same thing over and over and over. Any help is appreciated.
If your dishwasher is less than 1 year old, its still under warranty. Contact KitchenAid to come out at 800-422-1230 to fix it for free under warranty.

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