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Thread: Gas Oven will not heat above 100 Deg

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    Default Gas Oven will not heat above 100 Deg

    Model Number: MGR5755QDW
    Brand: Maytag

    The oven lights but will not heat above 100 Deg further note the broiler works normal.

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    Its likely your oven igniter glow bar thats bad, very common to go out.

    When you turn the oven on, open the oven door and look down at the bottom and see if its glowing orange, it should glow orange for about 45-60 seconds then you should hear the gas ignite. If the gas doesn't ignite, then your igniter glow bar is bad.

    If you see no orange glow, then you'd need a volt meter to check for 120 volts where the bake ignitor plugs into the plastic electrical connector under your range, you remove the bottom storage drawer to get to it, use a flashlight or droplight to see better under there.

    Then you put your 2 volt meter probes in the electrical connector and turn the oven on and see if you get 120 volts. If so, then its still a bad bake igniter.

    Its easy to get to the bake igniter. You just remove the bottom panel in your oven, then remove the wing nut#20 here, then remove the heat shield#12, then your igniter is #14 mounted on your burner tube#18, then the wires connect below your oven, after you remove your storage drawer:

    This is what it should look like:

    And you can order it here if you find its bad:
    Manufacturer's Number: 74008064

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