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Thread: Oven wont heat correctly

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    Default Oven wont heat correctly

    Model Number: FEFL68GMA
    Brand: Frigidaire

    A couple of nights ago, I used the self-clean feature for the first time on the oven. last night I set the oven to preheat to 425 and 30 minutes later it was still in preheating. I noticed the elements never turned orange and it's only warm inside.

    I was able to get the oven to 225 after about 40 minutes. I was hoping someone might have an idea as to where to start checking for a problem.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Does your bake element heat up? (does it glow orange in the first few minutes of operation)

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    no it doesn't. It never turns orange. I forgot to try the broiler earlier and it works fine. Just the bake element (bottom) will not work. It's not even getting warm now.

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    Its either the bake element thats bad or the clock control board.

    You'll need a ohm meter to check for continuity on your bake element. Make sure your home breaker is off to your oven first before testing it.

    You can get a cheap volt/ohm meter at Radio Shack.

    You can get access to the bake element from the back of your oven, by pulling it out away from the wall, or there should be 2 screws that hold it in from inside your oven, then you can usually pull the element out from inside your oven with the 2 wires connected to it.

    Remove the wires and use the volt/ohm meter on the ohms setting and see what it reads, a good element should read 10-30 ohms.

    Here's the bake element for your model:
    Manufacturer's Number: 316075104

    If your bake element checks good, then order the clock control board here:

    Manufacturer's Number: 316557100 is RepairClinic Item #1553914

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