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Thread: Bosch Dishwasher SGS6962GB/13 No water intake

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    Default Bosch Dishwasher SGS6962GB/13 No water intake

    Model Number: SGS6962/13
    Brand: Bosch

    After a perfectly good wash cycle my dishwasher will not take in water.
    I have removed both side panels and checked the intake solenoid valve.
    When pressing start button I get 55v on the valve and the solenoid also reads about 3k ohms, is this correct or not.
    I also hear a motor / pump running and a timer clicking on and off, I believe.
    I have mopped al the water from the sump inside the machine and turned the machine on to both sides and front to remove any excess water.
    If possible could someone please help me with this fault.

    Thanks Ian9.

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    Unfortunately, we don't have any information on these European Bosch models, best to go here and ask:
    UK Whitegoods

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    Hi Jake
    Thanks I will give them a try.

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