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Thread: burning smell

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    Default burning smell

    Model Number: dde7109vmlwh
    Brand: GE

    My older GE electric dryer has been making a horrible squealing sound for a couple of years and I just thought it was a belt. I just found a service manual for it and took it apart. Turns out that the rear drum bearing was completely gone and the bearing shaft had worn a groove into the housing it rides in. I just finished replacing the entire bearing assembly, and both of the freshly lubricated front drum slides. I am still waiting on a new belt, but the original is working fine for now. After reassembling the dryer and plugging it back in, the squeal is gone but now there is a different sound like it is falling in and out of a groove, and there is a bad "burning" smell after running it only a few seconds. The smell is coming from the rear of the dryer and wasn't there before I took it apart. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Recheck all the work you did, take it back apart, something must be out of place.

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