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Thread: Kenmore Elite HE3t Water Leak

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    Question Kenmore Elite HE3t Water Leak

    Model Number: 110.45966404
    Brand: Sears Kenmore

    I have a 3-4year old Kenmore Elite HE3t front-loading washing machine model 110.45966404.

    We discovered that it is leaking water into the drip pan during different cycles.

    Some basic troubleshooting discovered that the door seal (part#8182119 ) that seals between the wash tub or drum and the body of the unit has a huge hole in it, perhaps 12 inches long.

    I can see that significant quantities of wet lint and debris has been entering the body of the unit, so it would seem this has been going on for some time. Looking further, I discovered that several socks and other laundry items have escaped the wash drum and are residing in the bottom of the unit.

    So source of the water leak is solved. Now what to do?

    The basic part that requires replacement appears to be around $100. Assume there are more associated parts that require replacement as well, and double that to $200 then add maybe $200 for labor.

    $400 to fix the unit is a big chunk of the cost of a new unit.

    My fear is that the moisture, lint and debris that invaded the body of the unit may have damaged more components and this unit will continue to fail and attempting to repair will become a money pit.

    Are my fears on a valid track, or are the insides of these units capable of handling a fair sum of moisture inside?

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    Ok Jason, you would save a lot of money changing the door seal(bellows) yourself, Is this doing you think you can handle yourself? If you've fixed other things around your house, then it shouldn't be a problem.

    Here's the official instructions on how to change it yourself:

    I've been able to change the bellows without removing the front panel by pushing the front portion of the bellows inside the tub, then I can remove the inner clamp with a 1/4" nut-driver, or 1/4" socket with a small ratchet.

    Here's the cheapest bellows I found you can order here:
    Manufacturer's Number: 8182119

    I've changed lots of these myself over the years, and the moisture never seems to damage any other parts.

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