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Thread: Admiral Dryer will not start

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    Default Admiral Dryer will not start

    Model Number: ade7000ayw
    Brand: Admiral
    Age: 1-5 years

    My dryer quit working today. It will not start and light will not come on. I can hear the timer ticking. I tried to turning off the breaker and turning back on. Checked wires. What could be causing the problem

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    Default The fuse inside the dryer

    Would the fuse cause the light and the dryer not to work. I removed the fuse should it make a rattle noise inside?

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    jump the wires to the fuse.If the dryer starts the fuse is bad. For legal purposes I must advise you that jumping the fuse is only for temporary test purposes ONLY, you must assume all risks by doing so

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    Default Fuse

    Where is the fuse and how do you jump it. I removed what I thought was the fuse now I am not sure.

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    Here's the thermal fuse kit for your model:
    Manufacturer part#LA-1053 is RepairClinic item#3344

    Unplug your dryer first, heres a help link:
    thermal fuse LA1053, magic chef, norge, performa dryer thermal fuse kit for gas and electric dryers

    Access help courtesy of
    Get the top up on the dryer. Service the heater, high limit, and thermal fuse from here with the top up. Check the heater, high limit thermostat, and the thermal fuse with an ohm meter. All should show continuity. Remember to always remove the wires from the part you are checking with an ohm meter.Next picture is the heater. It is located on the left rear of the drum in a housing. The thermal fuse and the high limit thermostat are also located here. The thermal fuse on this dryer shuts the motor down when it is blown.

    Or as Jack said just take the thermal fuse wires off and hook the wire terminals together and plug your dryer in and start it and see if it runs.

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