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Thread: Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Ice dispenser/water dispenser not working

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    Default Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Ice dispenser/water dispenser not working

    Model Number: GLRS264ZA
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 6-10 years

    The Ice/Water dispenser are not working. The light is not on and there is a smell like burning plastic. I don't want to ruin my food,or my refrigerator, so can I disconnect power from just the dispenser, until it can be repaired? If so, where?

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    Check your wiring coming into the freezer door for loose/burnt connections in the plastic connector, it should be under the freezer door hinge, if not there, then up on the top freezer door hinge.

    Your missing a letter and number after the "A" at the end of your model#.

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