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Thread: Oven turns off, smoke inside

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    Default Oven turns off, smoke inside

    Model Number: RJE302RN
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: 6-10 years

    Hi, hopefully someone knows an easy fix for this.. I'm kinda learning to cook for myself, and bought stuff to make some chicken parmesan, get everything together and put it in the preheated oven in a glass baking dish that said oven-safe. I noticed after about five minutes the oven has shut off and when I open the door there's the smell of smoke.. am I doing something wrong here? Or is the oven just fried or something? This is a stove unit in an apartment complex, and I've only used it once before and didn't have any problems. All I can think of is that it needs to be cleaned from last time? That seems unlikely though considering it's only been used once.

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    AFter playing with the oven for a bit I've noticed there's no more smoke, which is nice, and I've also noticed that say for example I start the oven at 350 degrees on bake. It will shut off after about 3 minutes. Now, if I switch the temp to 375 it will run again, for 3 min. If you set the dial to anything under the previous time it won't work. I switched it up to 400, got the same result.

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    Does the bake element red hot in color in the 3 minutes?

    Its either your oven thermostat or element.

    That smoke may have been your bake element that fried, check your bake element for burned spots or pits or bubbles in it.

    At any rate if its in your apartment, then apartment maintenance people should fix this for you for free if you rented the apartment with the range already in the apartment.

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