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Thread: Maytag Oven & Broiler not working

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    Question Maytag Oven & Broiler not working

    Model Number: MGR5765QDW
    Brand: Maytag
    Age: 6-10 years

    We bought this Maytag oven/range 5-6 years ago brand new. Yesterday, we cooked pizza in the oven with no problems at all. We went to fire up the oven today and ... nothing.

    All 4 top burners work great, the igniters fire properly, good gas flow, solid flame, etc.

    The oven, nor the broiler will work. When they are set, there's a brief click (like a relay) but there is no gas flow and no other sound.

    I grabbed the wiring diagram, popped the back off and dove in with my meter. There's a wiring harness on the back of the control module that has a red, yellow and 2 black wires. The 2 black wires attach to the same prong.

    As best I can tell, red controls the broiler value/igniter and the yellow controls the oven valve/igniter. It would seem very odd to me that both segments died at the same time... so I assume there's a single point of failure somewhere else. I'm thinking the control module.

    With the stove freshly plugged in and nothing "on" - the red/black combo on the control board reads at 125VAC. The yellow/black combo reads at 80VAC.

    If I activate the broiler, the relay clicks and the red lead drops to zero volts.

    If I activate the oven, the relay clicks and the yellow lead drops to zero volts.

    This seems really strange to me, like something must be all messed up in the control module. If the gas valves were "normally open" then gas would flow when the power went out... But, if the control module is messed up now, why isn't gas flowing when I'm getting voltage on the red & yellow wires?

    Please advise and thanks in advance for any help.
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    Yes, the problem is the clock oven control board.

    Here's the clock oven control board for your model you can order here:
    Manufacturer's Number: 74009150

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