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Thread: Electrolux Icon Ice auger not turning

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    Default Electrolux Icon Ice auger not turning

    Model Number: E23CS78HSS
    Brand: Electrolux
    Age: 6-10 years

    Our Electrolux Icon ice maker has been acting up. This lemon of a fridge has been repaired for various issues about 5 times already. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

    Anyway, when you press the paddle to get ice, the motor does not start to turn the auger to move the ice forward.

    Thought the motor was dead. I applied 110v to the motor directly. It works.

    Thought the relay was toast. I applied 5v to the relay. It throws.

    I have 110VAC on the board.

    I have 5VDC on the board, as the control panel works.

    The switch that the paddle trips is working.

    I'm thinking that maybe the power supply isn't making enough fresh, clean 5VDC current to throw the relay and turn the motor anymore?

    The board P/N is 40551800 rev B
    The relay is OMRON G5S-1

    I don't want to replace the board if I only need one little part, but it sure is easier than replacing 1 board component. I can do it, but it will cut into my beer drinking time (no ice to drink cocktails!)



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    Hi Chris,

    This is a model I'm not familiar with so hopefully another tech. can jump in here to confirm its that power supply board, but from your testing I'd say thats it.

    Again I'm not sure if you can just replace a part on that board to fix it, likely you would need the complete board assembly.

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