Model Number: RF266ABRS
Brand: Samsung
Age: Less than 1 year

I have the above listed Samsung French Door Fridge. The problem is not with the door or the door hinges itself.

The left door (as you look at the fridge) was open and i stood up from underneath it (OOOOOWWWW)... that door is the one with the little flap on it that allows the 2 doors to seal in the middle of the fridge. the flap opens and closes as you open and close the left hand door. This flap is attach in 3 places to the inside of the left hand door.

When i stood up, my back hit the flap hard enough to pull off 2 of the 3 connection points. the one in the middle is the one still attached.

I will add some pics to help with the situation.

i have tried Samsung tech support but those guys are just not getting what i am trying to say! I can see how i am supposed to put it back on, but there is a piece of plastic that will not come off in the middle hinge that is stopping me.

if ANYONE can point me in the right direction or give me some help i would GREATLY appreciate it. The fridge hasn't opened or closed right in months and its getting annoying.

Pics below have been marked up so you can hopefully get a better understanding of what i am talking about. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!