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Thread: Ice Build up in Freezer Bottom

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    Default Ice Build up in Freezer Bottom

    Model Number: FRS6HR4HB6
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 1-5 years

    Starting about two weeks ago I would notice a very small amount of water on the floor below the freezer. When I open the freezer door the 1/2" recessed freezer bottom is filled with ice. I break the ice plate loose with a butter knife and then in 2-3 days it is back again. This has continued like I said for about two weeks. Something is leaking a small amount of water to the freezer bottom. Can you instruct me how to fix this problem?



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    Hi Eric,

    Yes your defrost drain hole/line is clogged, its located behind the lower back panel inside the freezer on the bottom underneath your evaporator coil.

    You will need a hair dryer and hot water to melt the ice thats covering that hole.

    Then run something down the defrost drain hole.

    I use a evaporator cooler spider snake:

    They are used basically in Arizona to clean out the water pump tubes that run to the cooler pads.

    I don't know if they would sell them in your area, but if you go to your local hardware store, they should have something similar to run down your drain to clean it completely out.

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